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DataBase Summary
There are a total of 19,996 Entries classified as BAD in our Database.
There are a total of 296,321 Entries classified as UNKNOWN in our Database.
There are a total of 105,664 Entries classified as GOOD in our Database.
Remember to SAS in our Good , Bad and Unknown
5 Newest Bad Entries
O9 - Extra button: Fiddler2 -{CF819DA3-9882-4944-ADF5-6EF17ECF3C6E} -\"C:\\Program Files\\Fiddler2\\Fiddler.exe\" (filemissing)
O9 - Extra \'Tools\' menuitem: Fiddler2 -{CF819DA3-9882-4944-ADF5-6EF17ECF3C6E} -\"C:\\Program Files\\Fiddler2\\Fiddler.exe\" (filemissing)
O9 - Extra button: (no name) -{1A93C934-025B-4c3a-B38E-9654A7003239} -C:\\Program Files(x86)\\GamesBar\\\\oberontb.dll
O9 - Extra \'Tools\' menuitem: GamesBar -{1A93C934-025B-4c3a-B38E-9654A7003239} -C:\\Program Files(x86)\\GamesBar\\\\oberontb.dll
O3 - Toolbar: GamesBar -{6F282B65-56BF-4BD1-A8B2-A4449A05863D} -C:\\Program Files(x86)\\GamesBar\\\\oberontb.dll